My name is Grace, I am 80 years old. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer I didn’t know what to do. People say that when you get cancer you will soon die, I was afraid of death. My daughter took me to Meru Hospice where I was received well by very good people. I don’t know where they were trained because they are very different from other doctors I have ever met. They talked to me first then offered support to my daughters to help them care for me. I was in pain, they gave me medicines and my pain was over. They referred me to a doctor who removed my breast and referred me to hospital where I received chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Palliative Care Nurse Gladys from Meru Hospice and cancer patient, Grace, laugh together during a home-care visit

Meru Hospice staff have always been there for me, my family and other patients. I am recovering now but the nurses still visit me at home twice or thrice per year. They always call us for meetings where we receive health messages. Whenever I am given a chance to talk during the meeting I encourage other patients to accept treatment and I always give them hope as I share my testimony.

Meru Hospice is a second home for me and other patients. I am a cancer survivor.

Palliative care changes the lives of people with life limiting illness, and in turn, those patients play a vital role in supporting others by sharing their experiences.

Over the past year we have helped Meru Hospice reach over 400 patients with essential medicines, home visits and day-care services. Please help us change the lives of even more patients in need by donating here.

Grace’s story
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