HCK is proud and pleased to have the following as its Patrons:

Lord Carey Lord Carey of Clifton
(Previously Archbishop of Canterbury)
“Eileen and I have been supporters of HCK since its inception. We admire greatly its pioneering work in Kenya as it reaches out in compassion to all those who are terminally ill”
Mike Wooldridge OBE Mike Wooldridge OBE
“My own awareness of the need for palliative care in Kenya dates back to the stories my wife, Ruth, would bring home in the 1980s when we were living in Kenya and she and her colleagues were putting all their energy into trying to set up a hospice in Nairobi in the end successfully. The cancers and other medical conditions that lead to people needing palliative care can affect all in a country like Kenya, of course, whatever their economic status. But what I quickly saw for myself was how poverty so often compounds the impact of illness and makes it so much more difficult for people to get access to help – and also to potential treatment. I tried to reflect this reality — as well as the difference palliative care can make -– in a film I made on the work of Nairobi Hospice in its early days. When Ruth and I made the new film “Frontline Palliative Care” in Kenya two decades later we were reminded very graphically of the way in which poverty still shapes the experiences of so many patients today. But it was also incredibly heartening to see how hospices and other palliative care services had expanded and how they were becoming increasingly integrated into the country’s health services. Hospice Care Kenya has played a major part in this and the need is so great that it will be obviously be called upon to continue doing so. I am honoured to be a patron.”
mike-richards Professor Sir Michael Richards Currently Chief Inspector of Hospitals at the Care Quality Commission and before that for fourteen years was the National Cancer Director in the Department of Health.

In this clip Mike Wooldridge OBE explains why he is a long term supporter and patron of Hospice Care Kenya: