What inspires us

Hidden from view are many individuals and families suffering from the effects of cancer, HIV and other incurable conditions. The pain of disease is only the start, loss of work, loss of a parent, and perhaps worst of all loss of a terminally ill child. Listening to their stories makes us want to help.


That HCK is now enabling community health volunteers to extend the reach of palliative care in rural areas, looking out for people who might have cancer and supporting them, seems to be ground-breaking to me, and this appeal to fund Hospice Care Kenya thoroughly deserving of support

BBC broadcaster Mike Wooldridge OBE explains why he is a long term supporter and patron of Hospice Care Kenya

Our Impact

Read more about our impact on people’s lives in Kenya last year. DONATE HERE to help us do even more this year   You can also download a PDF copy of our impact review here.

Where Your Money Goes

See how we have supported hospices and other organisations in Kenya recently.