Home visits are vital to ensure that the most sick and disadvantaged do not miss out on essential palliative care. Last year we helped hospices across 12 Kenyan counties carry out home visits, helping over 1,630 patients and their families. But small charitable hospices and the patients they serve are now faced with steep price rises and economic hardship, preventing patients from reaching hospices and reducing the number of home-visits hospice nurses can afford to make.

Miss Pendo (left) has advanced cervical cancer and without morphine would live in constant pain. A widow with six children, she struggles to feed her family and has no money left to travel the 50km to a hospice to receive her care. She relies on regular home-visits from hospice nurses.


Rehema (right) was diagnosed with eye cancer and referred to Nairobi for treatment, but at over 500km away she couldn’t afford to go. Since her husband died of oesophageal cancer she has no income, her four children rarely go to school due to the cost. Her only option for some quality of life is palliative care home-visits from hospice nurses.

Mr Jumaa (left) has prostate cancer. His wife earns an income washing clothes but it’s barely enough to feed their family of five children. The family depend on home-visits for care and emotional support.



Just £50 helps to buy essential supplies and fuel to enable nurses to reach isolated patients. Please donate today and help us to ensure that we can continue supporting this work so that no-one with a life-limiting illness need live in pain, without compassionate palliative care.

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The human cost of Kenya’s rising cost of living
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