Stacy and her father

Stacy has just turned three years old but just a few months ago she was diagnosed with a brain tumour. At the age of two her family noticed she had stopped talking and her leg and hand kept shaking.

“She became like a baby of three months again”, her father told us.

After seeing several doctors Stacy’s condition worsened. She was referred to a specialist but her family could not afford the cost so Stacy could not be seen by the neurosurgeon.

In desperation her family tried another hospital where she was diagnosed with medulloblastoma. Whilst at the hospital a social worker told the family about a programme of support that could cover the cost of basic health insurance that would enable Stacy to have free treatment.  A huge relief for the family, the insurance covered the cost of 20 radiotherapy sessions.

Stacy is continuing with the treatment and is recovering well. The support we received eased the treatment journey for Stacy. Were it not for the help we received we wouldn’t have managed to pay for the treatment.”

~Stacy’s father

Lack of access to free chemotherapy or radiotherapy creates an impossible choice for the poorest families; either to pay for medical expenses for one child or to feed the whole family. No family should have to make this choice.

£45 pays for insurance entitling a child with cancer to free curative treatment for a year. Please donate to help a child with cancer.
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Stacy’s story
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