This is Carlos, a young boy from Nakuru county who lives with cerebral palsy. Before discovering palliative care, Carlos lived an isolated life, unable to play or attend school. His family struggled both financially and emotionally to cope with Carlos’ disability.

This changed when the family were informed about Nakuru Hospice by a local health volunteer. With support from Hospice Care Kenya, Nakuru hospice nurses were able to regularly visit the family, supporting both Carlos and his family with counselling and psychosocial support. Thanks to their care, Carlos experienced a remarkable transformation. Physically and mentally, he began to thrive, expressing happiness through newfound facial expressions. The palliative care not only improved his well-being but also brought the family together, fostering love and acceptance.

In the words of Carlos’s father, “I feel happy that there are people like you who love us.”

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Carlos’ story
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