This is six-year-old Mercy and her mother. Mercy is a patient of Laikipia Hospice in central Kenya, one of the hospices we support using funds raised in the UK.  Mercy has recently been diagnosed with retinoblastoma, a rare type of eye cancer that can affect young children, and undergone surgery to remove her eye.

Mercy’s diagnosis and surgery had a devastating impact on her and her family. The stress and worry, as well as the financial cost of lost income whilst caring for Mercy, took their toll. But since finding the hospice, life has started to improve. The family receive regular support from Laikipia Hospice nurses, with counselling for the family and care for Mercy whilst she adjusts to her disability. Through sharing their story and listening to others during support group meetings, they no longer feel alone and have the strength to see some hope for the future.

Please help us give hope to Mercy and other children like her, who desperately need care and support to help them cope with life-limiting illness. Your donation could help cover the cost for a whole family to attend family support workshops to receive care, counselling and vital information that can change their lives.

Please donate here today.

Mercy’s story
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