“I was well for 57 years until a severe toothache and backache started to restrict me from doing anything. One day I was unable to get up by myself and called my daughter to assist me to get off my bed. My left jaw was also painful, and I asked her to take me to hospital for an examination.“

“The doctor told me that I had a tumour on my jaw and that he suspected it was cancer. I was admitted to Meru Hospital. After more tests it was confirmed that I have a cancer called Acinic cell carcinoma. I was in a lot of pain. The doctor called the hospice team who came to visit me in hospital. They gave me morphine to stop the pain and other drugs and within a week the pus and the bad smell that affected my mouth had cleared. In October 2012, I was discharged to Meru Hospice.”

“Through counselling and encouragement from hospice staff I was able to accept my illness and had hopes of living my life to the fullest. The hospice staff are such friendly people, and even today when my condition has worsened and I can no longer walk to the hospice, the hospice team visits me here at home. They give me morphine for the pain. They have never asked me for any money for their services.”

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Jane’s Story

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