Community health volunteers  provide day-to-day care and support for people with life-limiting illness

Over the years we have helped train over 2,000 community health volunteers across Kenya. A valuable support to over-stretched hospice nurses, these incredible volunteers are the ‘eyes and ears’ on the ground, working in their communities to identify people in need of help, and transform life and death for people living with cancer and other life-limiting illnesses with compassionate palliative care and emotional support.

To help volunteers do their job and provide the best care they can, they need a simple low-cost kit containing basic patient care supplies like gloves, soap, bandages, dressings and antiseptic solution.

Items included in a basic home-care kit

Each home-care kit costs just £25 and gives volunteers everything they need to provide quality care in the homes of their patients. Please help us to buy a home-care kit this Christmas and help improve the life of a person living with cancer in Kenya. Thank you.

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Trained community health volunteers in Siaya County receive patient care kits
Gift of Hope Appeal – Home-care kits
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