We are pleased to have been able to help Siaya Hospice make some minor renovations to the hospice building. The hospice has now undergone a full repaint and plumbing repairs, including new sinks and toilets. New screens and patient couches have also been installed. The hospice is now functional and a more welcoming and comfortable space for patients.

Siaya Hospice nurse, Elizabeth Odalo, told us;

“The Hospice was in bad shape as since it was built in 2010 no maintenance had been done. There were breakages to sinks, toilets and doors which needed to be repaired. The furniture had become torn and broken. The hospital donated three beds but no mattresses. We needed the mattresses because sometimes we are overwhelmed by patients who can’t sit but need to lie down.

The Hospice is now very beautiful, the toilets are comfortably usable and the sinks are perfect.  Thank you very much Hospice Care Kenya for the continued support.”

A new look for Siaya Hospice

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