“When I was diagnosed with breast cancer I used to hate myself and wondered why I was living, but the day I heard others share their stories, my thoughts changed and I now see better days ahead”

A patient of Machakos PCU, pictured above sharing her story

This year we are supporting Machakos Palliative Care Unit to run monthly day-care sessions where patients are invited to meet others and share their stories. Day-care is an immense source of encouragement and support for many patients. It is also an opportunity for palliative care nurses to train their patients, who are living with life-limiting illnesses like cancer, to better manage their condition and keep as healthy as possible. During most of the year these sessions had to be postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but fortunately have now resumed with two sessions taking place recently. Patients were trained in Covid-19 prevention and how to write a will.

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Patients supporting each other in Machakos

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