James (not his real name) is 74 years old and has 11 children and many grandchildren. When James was diagnosed with prostate cancer he was unable to afford the cost of chemotherapy. However, James lived within reach of a hospice so could access valuable palliative care to improve his quality of life whilst living with cancer.

James was referred to Nyeri Hospice where he was immediately given pain relief medication and drugs to control his symptoms. Hospice nurses counselled him and his family on how best to care for James at home. The hospice also ensured that James received the emotional and social support he needed, and was encouraged to regularly attend peer support sessions at the hospice where he shared his experiences with other patients.

I thought I was the only one with cancer, now I know there are many patients who are sailing in the same boat. This group support has improved my quality of life.”

As James’ condition he became bedridden so the Nyeri Hospice team started weekly home visits to support him and his family. Hospices nurses provide care to clean and dress sores on his legs, and provide antibiotics and pain relief. They also trained his family to continue this care regularly.

Before coming to Nyeri Hospice, James’ family members were feeling the financial strain of having to take time off work to care for him and pay for medicines and doctor’s visits. The free care provided by the hospice relieved them of this burden. James also received legal assistance to write a will, ensuring that his property remains in his family. This gave him peace of mind and will provide more financial security for his family.

 “Now I can face death with confidence for am fully prepared for what is ahead of me.”

James’ story
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