Anwyll is a resilient two-year-old boy from Garissa County in east Kenya. He brought joy to his parents after the loss of their first child. Anwyll was a healthy, happy boy until he developed worrying symptoms with abdominal swelling, reduced appetite and vomiting. Concerned, his parents sought medical help, eventually leading to a diagnosis that left them shocked and devastated – nephroblastoma, a type of kidney cancer. Anwyll’s parents felt helpless.

The palliative care team, supported by Hospice Care Kenya, stepped in, providing crucial psychosocial support to help the family to cope, advice on treatment options, and supporting Anwyll through some distressing symptoms – pain and breathing difficulties caused by the growing mass. Thanks to this care hope was restored for Anwyll’s parents. Grateful, his mother said, “We couldn’t make it through this journey alone without the help of the palliative care team.”

Palliative care supported by Hospice Care Kenya transformed Anwyll’s life and made a profound impact on the whole family.

Please donate today and help us to ensure that more children like Anwyll, and their families, can receive life-changing palliative care and compassionate support.

Anwyll’s story of hope through palliative care
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