We have been helping Kitui Palliative Care Unit in southern Kenya to train family carers and empower them to improve the lives of their loved one living with life-limiting illness. The team has already reached 60 carers with training in basic home-based palliative care.

“We have been able to instil hope and resilience in patients and their families living with palliative care needs. We have been able to give them the gift of a pain free death“, Palliative Care nurse Ruth.

Visiting a patient and training family members in Kitui County
Empowering family carers in Kitui County
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One thought on “Empowering family carers in Kitui County

  • January 12, 2022 at 10:48 pm

    Dear Hospice Care Kenya,
    Well done!
    It is great to hear how you are training family carers to provide basic palliative care through the Kitui Palliative Care program. Could you please describe what this training consists of? And what level of expertise is required at end of training?
    Much appreciate your response.
    Warm regards

    Palliative Care Victoria


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