At the end of this month Dr Zipporah Ali retires from her role as Executive Director of the Kenya Hospice and Palliative Care Association (KEHPCA). Zippy started work as a volunteer with KEHPCA in 2006 when the organisation was first established and in 2007 became the first employee. Zippy led the organisation through its formation as a secretariat to the successful and invaluable organisation it is today. KEHPCA has become the umbrella organisation for palliative care in Kenya, providing practical support to palliative care units and hospices, and becoming a powerful advocate for palliative care in Kenya and globally. Through Zippy’s leadership and dedication over 15 years, access to palliative care has expanded widely across Kenya. We wish Dr Zippy all the best for her retirement. We also welcome the new Executive Director of KEHPCA, Mackuline Atieno, and wish her well in her new position.

Congratulations to Dr Zipporah Ali on her retirement
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