Could you help support families living with life-limiting illness in Kenya by bringing people together at a coffee morning in aid of Hospice Care Kenya? Hosting a coffee morning is a wonderful way to support us and a great opportunity to get together with neighbours, friends and family.

Events large or small will be a big help. You could host a coffee morning, bake sale or small get-together with friends and family, taking place at home, in your garden or at a church or village hall. Ask for a suggested donation for each slice of cake or charge a small entrance fee in aid of HCK.

Even a small event raising £10 could make a big difference – this amount could pay for a home visit to a patient to provide life-changing palliative care and support for the whole family.

Tips and ideas for running your event

Set a date and venue

Choose a day and time that would work well for you and the guests you intend to invite. Make sure it doesn’t clash with other local events. You could host the coffee morning in your own home or garden, or for a larger event you could hold it in a local community centre, village hall or at work.

Invite everyone you know

Invite friends, family, neighbours or work colleagues. You could send written invitations, an email, or if you’re on social media you could share the event that way. If you want to get to know your neighbours better, this could be the perfect opportunity! Make sure you tell your guests you are raising money for charity so they come prepared.

Preparing and baking

Decide if you are going to do all the baking, ask friends to contribute or perhaps ask local businesses for donations of cakes, make sure you tell them it’s for charity. Offer your delicious cakes with tea or coffee. Ask friends to volunteer as helpers to serve tea and coffee on the day. It’s a good idea to auction or sell off any left overs at the end so make sure you have bags or boxes so people can carry it home. Decorating your venue with beautiful cake stands, napkins, flowers and bunting can help to create a great atmosphere.

Raise money!

Make sure everyone knows that their money will be donated to Hospice Care Kenya. Please get in touch if you would like us to send you some leaflets or newsletters for your guests. Here are a few examples of how your event can raise money:

  • Ask for a small entrance fee to the event
  • Ask for a suggested donation per cup of tea and slice of cake
  • Hold a guess the weight of the cake competition or quiz and charge a small competition entry fee
  • Hold a ‘best cake’ competition and charge entrants
  • Put out a jam jar to collect donations of loose change
  • If you don’t have the facilities to make tea and coffee at your venue hold a bake sale instead

After the day

Make sure you thank everyone involved and let them know how much you raised together for Hospice Care Kenya. Donations collected can be sent to us by following the instructions on our ‘Donate’ page here.

How your fundraising could make a difference

£25 provides morphine and medicines for a patient at the end of life

£50 covers the cost of a day-care meeting to train patients and carers how to take care of their health

£100 covers the cost of transport and supplies for a hospice to carry out home visits over a week