Hospice Care Kenya (HCK) is a registered UK charity. It was founded in 1991 to support the newly-opened Nairobi Hospice, Kenya’s first hospice for palliative care. Today there are more than 74 hospices and palliative care services in Kenya, and the Kenyan Government has begun to provide units in regional hospitals.

HCK raises funds in the UK to support the development and delivery of palliative care in Kenya by responding to specific requests for funding from hospices and other palliative care units.

The following short video shows much better than words the difference our funds can make by supporting the palliative care in Kenya:


Training for Medical and Nursing staff

Training and education has always been a main priority for HCK. We sponsor students attending the Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) Diploma in Palliative Care. Many of the students on this course go on to train and mentor other health care professionals in Kenya.

Training for Community Health Workers

In rural areas of Kenya basic health care is often provided by community health workers, many of them volunteers. We fund requests from hospices and palliative care units to provide training for community workers so that they understand, and can provide the essentials, of palliative care.


Visiting patients at home is essential in Kenya, where patients may live many miles from a hospital or clinic.  We fund motorcycles, cars and four-wheel-drive vehicles to enable home visits and deliveries in Nairobi’s busy streets and in rural areas to support housebound patients.

Medicines – particularly morphine

HCK finances the supply of drugs, particularly morphine, and other medical supplies.  The Kenyan government plans to provide morphine free of charge to hospitals and hospices over the next few years, but this is not yet fully operational. We purchase drugs to give to patients free of charge, and will continue to do so until there is no longer a need.

Start-up funding for new hospices

Several hospices and services have started up with the help of HCK, most recently those at Nakuru and Kijabe and the palliative care units at Machakos and Garissa government hospitals.

We also funded the refurbishment of buildings at Kisii, Homa Bay and Machakos which all provide palliative care for children.

Staff  Costs – for limited periods

All of the hospices work hard at fundraising to maintain their facilities but sometimes there are shortfalls. In exceptional circumstances we will provide funds towards the staff costs of an organisation in order to maintain essential services.

Advocacy and development of the hospice and palliative care movement in Kenya

HCK works closely with and supports the Kenya Hospices and Palliative Care Association (KEHPCA), which promotes the development of palliative care services in Kenya through advocacy, advice and training.  KEHPCA works closely with the government in Kenya to roll out palliative care provision in all hospitals.

HCK’s trustees meet three times a year to review written requests received and allocate available funds.

Funds are sent in response to specific requests and are fully accounted for by annual reports, audited annual accounts, receipts, and regular contact with the hospices or services directly or via KEHPCA.