Nairobi Hospice
Kenya Registered Charity No. 42458

Nairobi Hospice,  situated in the capital of Kenya,  was the first to be opened in East Africa.

Quiet garden at Nairobi Hospice

It is a modest building built by voluntary effort in the grounds of the Kenyatta National Hospital.  Its location thus demonstrates to ordinary people that it is intended for everyone, not just those who can pay for private medicine.  It consists of a single storey building with a reception area,  two small offices for medical and nursing staff, three rooms for day clinics and seeing patients and a meeting room.

Ambitious plans for a new building have been drawn up - all that is needed now is finance! A picture of what is planned is at the bottom of the page

Nairobi Hospice with Kenyatta National Hospital in background

In the UK a hospice usually means beds for constant care and nursing with sophisticated medical facilities on hand.  In Kenya the hospices cannot afford this and simply provide day care in the hospice itself or home care by visiting staff.


The main objective of the hospice is to help patients suffering form cancer for whom curative treatment is no longer appropriate and to give counselling and support to their families and close associates before and after death of the patient.  Patients suffering from other terminal illnesses are also be helped, subject to the hospice having the necessary resources and skills.

Staff outside Nairobi Hospice holding their palliative care information packs
Other objectives are to train medical,  nursing and other staff in the skills of palliative care and medicine and to inform and educate the public so as to spread skills and knowledge and understanding throughout Kenya.
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